We are a dedicated team of people and organisations committed to helping get everyone online

From getting the best products to help people access the digital world, making sure that the broadband packages we have are always value for money but also giving the best connectivity for the people and families using them and with ethical financing ( if required) we can make these products and services more accessible and affordable too

All the companies we work with are committed to helping people get online and we are constantly looking at what we can do to make the digital journey better for everyone

Helping everyone in education get the right access they need to school, college, university and further education work from wherever that may be

Enabling families on benefits and low incomes to get the savings by shopping online, switching the various utilities and services they use that can help them financially on a month by month basis put more money in their pockets, connecting with the financial services needed, making their lives better

Getting those looking for work, the right access to the jobs market is also a part of why we do what we do, as it not only helps them, but it benefits their personal wellbeing and gets the country in a better place too

Giving the right access to the older generation without all the technical fuss and tech speak is also why we do what we do, as being online helps with social, financial and personal wellbeing and the Covid 19 pandemic has shown the world that by being digitally enabled it can help everyone if they are truly connected with the right product and broadband services

Whilst working with people that are currently not online we also want to be able to offer our products and services to some of the awesome people that do amazing things in our society so anyone that works for the NHS, Emergency Services, Key Workers, UNITE members and all Housing Association staff and their tenants

A committed organisation, passionate about getting everyone online

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Onestream is one of the UK’s best value broadband providers, offering some of the lowest-priced ADSL and fibre broadband products in the country.

By working hard to identify what customers require, Onestream ensures no one pays more than they should for something they don’t actually need. In addition to great broadband, Onestream also offers home phone, providing the opportunity to save a small fortune on calling UK and international landlines and mobiles.

Onestream’s UK-based Customer Service and Technical Support teams ensure enquiries and issues are resolved quickly and easily.


Quite possibly the best customer service ever.

Excellent customer service which I feel may be wasted at company like this, the representative I spoke to was informative formal and understanding of my current circumstances and worked with me to make sure I have the best possible outcome in regards to my needs. This customers service was above and beyond and I believe would be an excellent way to train future representatives, 10/10 is not enough, thanks!

Competitively priced, does what it promises

A very well-priced and competitive package (I use line rental + standard broadband of 17Mb) generally reliable. Hulya Okudan at the customer service was very helpful, an excellent in my experience.

Just renewed my contract after having a…

Just renewed my contract after having a mainly trouble free 12 months. I had cause to contact the help line because my download dropped by 90%, however, they identified the problem and rectified it within 48 hours. Their help line is always answered within a few minutes by a knowledgeable representative.

Excellent Broadband coverage

I can honestly say I have had no problems with this provider. I am just using the basic package with download speed of 11mps. I have been working from home. I have two children also doing school work from home. One is also a massive gamer and never complained once. My other watches netflix in her bedroom and I am usually always on something like BBC Iplayer. it is in constant use on mobiles and it has never let us down.

Really efficient and prompt service…

Really efficient and prompt service from the start, through several communications. Provided all the information I needed to make a good choice, ensuring I got the best deal for me with no hassle involved.

Efficient and great customer service

Always great customer service and efficient in solving any problems that arise

Contact Onestream at

0333 241 4449 and live chat via www.onestream.co.uk . If you need make a complaints please do so via https://onestream.co.uk/complaints